About Us

Discover Affordable Living in NY Metro with Dolphin

At Dolphin Property Services, LLC), we redefine property management with a mission deeply rooted in providing best-in-class affordable housing solutions across the vibrant New York metropolitan area. Established in 2011 by Peter Murray, our founder and principal owner, Dolphin is committed to enhancing the quality of life for our residents through dedicated property management services, regulatory compliance support, tenant-friendly virtual capabilities, and stellar customer service.

Dolphin Property Management: Empowering Communities, Enhancing Lives

We invite you to explore the diverse and impactful portfolio managed by Dolphin Property Services. Our commitment to affordable housing and tenant-focused property management is reflected in the success of our projects across the New York metropolitan area.

Strategic Portfolio

  • Properties: 18 LIHTC/HUD Affordable properties
  • Units: 5,000+ Apartments
  • Commercial Spaces: 85+

Convenient Locations

  • New York City: Experience the heartbeat of the city with properties strategically positioned throughout NYC.
  • Beyond the City: Explore the charm of Westchester, Rockland, Dutchess, and Orange Counties.

Proven Development Track Record

  • Experienced Leadership: Guided by Peter Murray, a seasoned affordable housing developer with an illustrious career of three decades in the industry.
  • LIHTC Focus: Developed over 1,700 units, including 900 in 8 projects where LIHTC was the primary financing tool.

Beneficial Industry Relationships

  • Agency Collaboration: Strong working relationships with key agencies, including HPD, HDC, HCR, HFA, HUD, and New York City Housing Partnership.
  • Network: Extensive collaborations with syndicators and lenders in the affordable housing development sector.

Regulatory Compliance Expertise

  • Customized Services: Overseeing regulatory compliance for 1,600 apartments in six different developments.
  • Technological Edge: Utilizing state-of-the-art software for data gathering, certification, and compliance reporting.

Community Impact

  • Affordable Living: Dedicated to providing affordable housing options, contributing to the well-being of individuals and families.
  • Sustainability: Focused on the long-term sustainability of communities, ensuring a harmonious blend of quality living and financial health.

Dolphin’s Commitment to Quality Affordable Living

At Dolphin , quality affordability is our core commitment. We believe that everyone deserves access to comfortable, quality housing without compromising their financial well-being.

Holistic Approach: Every decision, strategy, and service we provide revolves around the fundamental principle of making quality housing affordable.

Focus on Inclusion: Ensuring that all individuals and families, irrespective of financial constraints, can experience the security and contentment of a well-maintained home.

Diverse Solutions: Customizing our services to ensure that individuals from various walks of life have access to homes that meet their needs.

Technological Excellence for Tenant Support

Online Tenant Platforms

Seamlessly manage your living arrangements with our online platforms.

  • Rent Payment: Pay your rent securely online with just a few clicks.
  • Account Management: Easily check balances and access account statements online.

Convenient Service Requests

Utilize our user-friendly service request system, known as Work Orders.

  • Submit Online: Lodge service requests for any apartment concerns through our online portal.
  • Call Us Directly: You can call us day or night to request a Work Order.

Streamlined Compliance Reporting

Experience transparency with our state-of-the-art software for compliance reporting.

  • Data Privacy: Our technological infrastructure ensures the security and privacy of your compliance documents.
  • Certification: Efficiently handle initial certification, re-certification, and timely compliance reporting.

Proactive Tenant Support

Our technology ensures that your needs are addressed promptly.

  • User-friendly Interface: Our tenant portal is user-friendly and designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.
  • Maintenance Support: Our tech systems empower on-site staff to identify and attend to property needs efficiently.

24/7 Customer Service

At Dolphin , we believe that exceptional customer service is central to a thriving community. Our commitment to your satisfaction is about creating a living experience where you feel heard, supported, and valued.

Live Support, Day or Night

Live Person Interaction: Reach out to us day or night. Speak directly to a live person for prompt and personalized support.

Tenant-Centric Communication

Transparent Updates: Receive transparent updates on property maintenance, compliance, and any developments that impact your living experience.

Dedication to Tenant Satisfaction

Proactive Issue Resolution: We proactively address concerns to ensure a comfortable living environment.

Industry-Leading Property Maintenance to Exceed Resident Expectations

Dolphin Property Services, LLC takes pride in maintaining properties with the utmost care and diligence to meet or exceed tenant expectations.

Dedicated Property Care

Every aspect of property maintenance is treated with meticulous attention.

Building Staff Training: Our staff is trained to uphold the highest standards, ensuring their alertness and professionalism in resolving concerns.

Proactive Approach to Issues

Mechanical Systems: Reliability is key, and we proactively manage mechanical systems to ensure they operate seamlessly.

Focus on Capital Improvements

Ensuring long-term sustainability through responsible handling of capital improvements.

Strategic Execution: We work closely with owners, investors, and lenders to plan and execute improvements that enhance the overall quality of the property.

Amenities and Lifestyle Enhancement

Community Well-being: Our central objective is to intertwine physical amenities with a high quality of life for all residents.

Financial Health Oversight

We believe financial health is as vital as physical health.

Long-Term Planning: Our approach involves long-term planning and diligent monitoring, working closely with owners, investors, lenders, and public funding agencies.

Regulatory Compliance Support: Ensuring Peace of Mind

Dolphin Property Services, LLC recognizes the importance of adhering to industry regulations. We have established a robust support system to ensure transparency, accountability, and peace of mind for our clients.

Standardized Procedures and Systems

We design and implement standardized procedures and systems, utilizing a technological infrastructure.

Portfolio-Wide Compliance: Our approach ensures compliance goals are met consistently across our entire portfolio.

Experienced Compliance Staff

Our experienced staff, well-versed in tax credit compliance, forms the backbone of our regulatory compliance initiatives.

Monthly Financial Reports: We provide comprehensive monthly financial reports to keep you informed.

State-of-the-Art Software Utilization

We stay current with the most advanced tax credit, HUD, and rent stabilization-oriented software.

Efficient Data Gathering: Utilizing cutting-edge software for all necessary data gathering services, initial certification, re-certification, and timely reporting.

Proactive Approach to Compliance

We stay ahead of regulatory obligations.

Training Initiatives: All office support and on-site managers are required to have completed tax credit compliance courses, ensuring that regulatory obligations are at the forefront of all personnel involved.

Additional Compliance Services

Beyond our directly managed LIHTC apartments, we provide compliance services for an additional 1,600 apartments in six different developments.

Comprehensive Reporting: Prompt agency, investor, and owner compliance reporting are integral components of our additional compliance services.

Holistic Understanding of Rules and Regulations

Recognizing the complexity of NYC’s and New York State’s rules and regulations, our team ensures compliance with the requirements.

Expert Support for Regulatory, Investor, and Financing Approvals: Paving the Way for Your Success

Dolphin Property Services, LLC offers high expertise and has a proven track record of handling the regulatory processes involved, ensuring your projects receive the necessary approvals for success.

Strong Relationships with Key Agencies

Our founder’s extensive network includes strong working relationships with pivotal agencies such as HPD, HDC, HCR, HFA, CPC, and the New York City Housing Partnership.

Collaboration Expertise: We have experience working with various syndicators and lenders involved in the development of affordable housing.

Managing Complex Incentives and Requirements

We recognize the layers of affordable incentives and requirements in NYC, including tax abatements and rent stabilization.

Expert Knowledge: Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of New York City’s and New York State’s continuously evolving rules and regulations.

Collaboration with Funding Agencies

We collaborate closely with public funding agencies to achieve maximum returns for our clients.

Comprehensive Approach: We implement long-term planning and diligent monitoring to maintain financial health.

Experience with Affordable Housing Tools

We have worked extensively with tools such as tax credits, rent stabilization, and other incentives that shape affordable housing projects.

Strategic Approaches: We utilize various financing tools and incentives to create sustainable and affordable living environments.

Expertise in NYC and NY State Affordable Housing Regulations

Dolphin Property Services, LLC is your trusted guide through the complex web of rules and regulations governing affordable housing in New York City and New York State.

Holistic Compliance with Equal Opportunity Laws

Upholding fair housing practices is a cornerstone of our approach.

Anti-Discrimination Measures: We adhere to Equal Opportunity Laws to prevent discrimination in housing based on factors such as race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, and disability.

In-Depth Knowledge of NYC Rent Stabilization

The nuances of rent stabilization in NYC are a critical aspect of many affordable housing properties.

Tenant Protections: We comply with rent stabilization laws to protect tenant rights and maintain affordability.

Tax Abatements and Incentives

Optimizing Incentive Programs: We have expertise in utilizing various incentive programs to facilitate affordable housing development.

Ethical and Legal Integrity

Ethical conduct and legal integrity form the foundation of our operations.

Transparent Practices: We ensure transparency and accountability in all dealings, aligning with the ethical principles of affordable housing management.

Dolphin: The Trusted Name for High-Quality Affordable Living in the NY Metro Area

Experience the exceptional blend of affordability, convenience, and excellence in property management with Dolphin Property Services, LLC. Whether you are a developer, investor, or tenant seeking a comfortable home, Dolphin is your trusted partner for best-in-class living solutions in the New York Metro area. Fill out this online contact form to get in touch and start on the path towards a superior living experience with us.